Why the blog?

With any new adventure, there is new territory to explore. For me, this round includes capturing my thoughts in an online forum- the BLOG!

Most of us likely read blogs on a daily basis, but (for me, at least) have never really considered what goes into creating one. PIDP  has challenged in me in many ways, and this time around I am looking forward to creating a space which encourages people to write about their own thoughts, or ideas regarding an ongoing and (of course) happy learning journey!

You dont have to agree with my thoughts, or with the thoughts of others but please be open and be respectful to the possibility of new things coming your way.


Let’s get started…Again

It’s funny you know….I started a blog last week (first time ever) and I posted about how I am continually learning and progressing through life. Pushing 40 and basically starting over, and how it doesn’t really bother me, because along the way I am always learning.

When I went back to that blog today I realized that I messed up on a few things, and I wasn’t happy with it overall- so here I go again! Ha! BUT as long as the learning doesn’t stop, whats the big deal?

I think that is a question that many people could stop and ask themselves. How many of us have heard people say “I’m too old to go back to school” or “I’m too old to try that now”? I grew up hearing those things,and lucky for me I never believed any of it! We only have one life, after all. Why should we ever feel like we are too old to stop learning and growing and discovering? Isn’t that what life is all about? Maybe it’s because we didn’t all enjoy school the first time around…Let me tell you, once you are beyond the awkward teenage years and you figure out who you are and what makes you tick- you really make the learning experience yours! You take the courses you  to take, you enroll for classes you always thought would be interesting and you love life a little bit more with each one of them! Happy learning, is the best learning. At least that’s how I feel 🙂