What’s stopping you?

Motivation/Success- what’s stopping you?

I watched this video and I thought “It really is that easy.” Commitment. To myself. So if it’s that easy, why is this so hard, for so many people (myself included)? I mean, there’s nobody better to invest in than myself, is there? Nobody is going to try harder for me than me, right? So why do we find it so hard to do? Is it like the video says- we are caught up in negativity? Or sleep our time away? Why is that? Because it’s easy? Because we stopped believing in ourselves?

Bruce Cockburn sang “nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight” (Lovers in a Dangerous Time, 1983). I think having a happy life that Im proud of is worth fighting for. We need to take the time on ourselves, for ourselves. Figure out what we want. What motivates us. We need to commit to it and we need to work for it. Who knows- maybe the things that motivate you will inspire change in others and what could be greater than inspiring change? As a facilitator, that’s what I strive for.

Let go of negativity. Let go of what other people have told you are capable of (or not capable of). It’s your future. Set your own goals. Figure out what you want, and what has stopped you from getting there and then let that go.Overcome those obstacles for yourself.

Be passionate about what you do because you are investing in yourself. Dream new dreams. Don’t let your passion, your commitment or your motivation falter. It’s going to be hard. But the right thing to do is, is usually not easy. If we cant do these things for ourselves, how can we expect our students to do it?


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