Keeping the excitement alive

During my readings in the “Student Engagement Techniques, a Handbook for College Faculty” , I came across a section that talks about keeping yourself engaged, as the teacher/facilitator (pages 74-76).

Im sure we can all recall a time in our lives when we have been in a meeting, or a class which was being lead by someone who was less than enthusiastic about the topic at hand? How did that impact you? Did it affect your motivation? Your engagement? Did you leave the class feeling fulfilled? Did you walk away thinking “wow, I cant wait to find out more!” or did you walk away thinking “OMG, that was painful, I’m so glad it’s over”. So let me ask you…What do you want your students to walk away thinking?

I think this is something that we, as teachers, need to be reminded of from time to time. It’s so easy to get caught up in a routine or focus on what isn’t going well and forget what brought you to this particular place in your life. You’ve got to love teaching! You’ve got to feel something about your subjects/lessons! If (and when) you do- that excitement, that passion is shared with your students.

So how do we do that? I found this article that has some great suggestions: 12 Tips for Keeping Teacher Engaged. I think the one that spoke to me the most was “Provision of leadership opportunities inspires intention”. After all, isn’t that how I found myself taking the PIDP course to begin with? Isn’t that why we are all reading this entry right now? We are looking to increase our knowledge, learn something new to bring back to the classroom. We are actively trying to keep those neurons fired up and trying to find ways to bring it all back to our students?

I am fortunate enough to work in an environment where leadership and education opportunities are brought forward to those who are interested. I think this creates an environment which fosters growth and excitement. It allows me to grow as an individual while helping the organization grow within my area of expertise- and Im happy and excited to do it! I want to show off my new skills/knowledge!

So people- if you are feeling less than enthused about your lessons, figure out why. And then identify some new ways to improve those lessons- things that you may need to learn before you can implement. You will feel so much more enthusiastic about your lessons if you do some learning along the way!




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